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As landlords ourselves, we know that renting property can come with a certain set of risks. Landlord liability insurance can protect you from some of these risks, such as a tenant claiming injury or damage caused to them whilst in your rental property.

Property owners’ liability insurance is not a legal requirement however it is a sensible choice. We know that despite all precautions accidents do still happen and in the case that a tenant or visitor suffers injury or damage you are likely to be liable. A claim against a small business that isn’t insured could spell the end of the business and liability insurance can protect against that. Leaving you to focus on business as usual.

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Do Landlords Need Liability Insurance?

As it is not a legal requirement, Central Insurance can only advise you in making the best decision for yourself. It is usually included as standard with our landlord insurance quotes as it is seen as important to have it covered by most landlords.

The reason for this is the simple fact that accidents can and do happen and having liability insurance will remove the worry of a potentially crippling claim. It is important to remember that most accidents that happen in rental properties are due to small things, like a broken tile or lifted carpet and not large structural issues. Meaning they are very common and landlords can be blamed in these circumstances.

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Landlords Liability Insurance FAQs

  • Do I need Public Liability Insurance?
    It is not a legal requirement in the United Kingdom to have public liability insurance. However it is highly recommended, as mentioned, we include it as standard in most landlord insurance quotes.

  • What Other Types of Insurance Might I Need as a Landlord?
    Liability insurance is not the only insurance need for landlords in the UK you may also want to consider:

    • Contents insurance
    • Buildings insurance
    • Loss of rent insurance
    You can find more information about Landlords insurance over here.


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