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Cyber Liability Insurance Blackpool


Most businesses now rely heavily on digital technologies to function, as a result cybercrime is a very real threat to most businesses operating today. One of the first steps to protecting against cybercrime is to minimise cyber security risks, however due to its technical nature some vulnerabilities can be left unprotected.

Understanding that it is a real threat, we now realise that it is extremely important for all businesses to ensure they are protected properly. One method of doing that is by investing in a cyber liability insurance policy.


What is Cyber Liability Insurance?

Cyber liability insurance protects your business by allowing you to recover costs caused as a result of a cyber attack. Such as:

  • Costs relating to online identity fraud
  • Costs repairing damaged systems, websites and digital infrastructure that has been caused as a result of the attack
  • Costs of ensuring the safe return of stolen or lost data


What is Cyber Liability Insurance?

Did you know that over half of all cybercrime targets small sized businesses? It’s easy to assume that only Fortune 500 companies should be worried about cybercrime due to the big leaks we see now and then in the media.

This means that anyone who uses digital technologies within their business is at a risk. Usually information is stolen and in some cases this could be either held to ransom or used for nefarious purposes, this information could include:

  • Your company's IP (Intellectual Property)
  • Customer databases
  • Data stored in cloud platforms
  • Employee data
  • Bank details and other payment information (either internal or external)

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Cyber Liability Insurance FAQs

  • Do I need Cyber Liability Insurance?
    It is not a legal requirement in the United Kingdom to have cyber liability insurance. However it is highly recommended, as mentioned it is becoming more and more of a threat to small businesses in the UK.

  • How can I reduce Cyber security risks?
    As human error is usually the base cause of most cyber security breaches, understanding the threats and training staff to avoid them is a key part in minimised cyber attacks. As well as using best practice for storing login details to any platforms.

    Another key item in reducing cyber security risks is to run a risk assessment, taking into account all aspects of cyber security, then mitigate these risks.


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