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If you are looking for a portfolio insurance broker, whether it is a portfolio of residential or commercial properties, Central Insurance Brokers are the perfect choice. We know the importance of correctly insured properties for landlords with large portfolios.

Our experts understand the needs and requirements for insuring your portfolio and currently provide tailored packages for a range of clients, some with up to 200 properties in their portfolio. We also have exclusive deals and offers with insurance companies for such policies.

From our experience of insuring large property portfolios we understand that no two portfolios are the same and, depending on the type of property, can range from insuring low risk residential environments to high risk commercial properties. We deal with a wide range of selected insurance providers to ensure your cover is a perfect match for your business needs.


Buy to Let Property Insurance provides cover for items such as:

  • Residential, Commercial or Mixed
    Property portfolios can contain a variety of residential and commercial properties, so we always offer flexible cover which is tailored to your portfolio by experts at Central Insurance Brokers.

  • Buildings
    Buildings insurance covers damage to property, which could be caused by anything from a burst pipe to a fire.

  • Subsidence
    Subsidence is caused by unstable foundations and causes building foundations to sink into the ground, this can then cause damage to a property by cracks inside and outside of the property.

  • Property Owners Liability
    When dealing with the general public, liability insurance is one of the most important aspects of insurance to consider. Property portfolios are no different and having liability insurance will protect you from any hefty payouts in the case of an accident

  • Loss of Rent
    If your property is damaged in an insured event such as a fire and is no longer habitable by a paying tenant loss of rent insurance will cover any income lost.

  • Optional Landlords’ contents
    Contents insurance is there to cover items in buy-to-let properties that aren’t part of the property, such as fixtures and fittings, appliances and free standing furniture.

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