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Working in the construction industry comes with a unique set of risks and challenges. So, getting the right business insurance should be a top priority for both one-man-bands and construction companies.

Our team will assess your insurance needs based on the risks associated with your business, then they will provide a perfect tailor made quote that will be perfectly suited to your business.

One of the most significant insurance options for tradesmen and construction companies is public liability insurance. This will protect your business in the event of an accident on site which damages property or injures a client or member of the public. Accidents like these usually result in costly claims, that could put you out of business without the right insurance cover.

If you are a construction company and have employees, it’s also a legal obligation to be properly covered with employee liability insurance.


Do I need Construction Insurance?

We recommend having the right cover for your business, whether you own a construction company or are a sole trader. At the very least, we would strongly recommend having the correct public liability insurance cover. Giving you one less thing to worry about, as compensation claims are common in the construction industry and can be extremely costly.


What does Construction & Tradesman Insurance Cover?

Here are some of the key types of cover required for health and beauty salons:

  • Public Liability Insurance
    Even with modern safety requirements it is fairly common that building sites pose a large risk to the general public. This makes public liability insurance well worth considering, even if it isn’t a legal requirement. It will cover you for any claims against damage, loss or injury to third parties. If you are proved to be at fault this will cover the cost of compensation.

  • Employers liability insurance
    Using heavy machinery and sharp tools increases the level of risk, so it is important to get the right cover for your employees. Unlike public liability, employers liability is a legal requirement in the UK. This will cover claims from employees in case of any accidents that your employees may have onsite that cause bodily injury or damages.

  • Indemnity to Principal
    When working as a contractor you will be required to provide an indemnity to a principal. This will be included within the liability cover and is required for most contracting companies. If you are a contractor and have any contractual requirements relating to insurance which you do not fully understand please get in touch with our insurance experts.

  • Tool Insurance
    Tool insurance covers the cost of replacing tools that are essential to your business if they are lost or damaged through theft, flood or a fire.

  • Plant and Machinery Insurance
    Plant, equipment and machinery is usually quite expensive and essential to your business, we would recommend getting this cover. It will cover machinery should it be lost or damaged through fire, flood or theft.

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